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Diability Coaching

With Disability comes a 'New Normal'.  

Not only do you have to find that new normal, but so does you family. You spouse / significant other, your children, and everyone else around you. 

I can help with this process, as I understand it. 

In 1999, my mother suffered from mental illness. As an only child, I was her main advocate. With 2 young boys, and a business, I was treading water. 

I felt alone, and exhausted. I had support of family and friends, but no one could guide me through the red tape. Until one person came along, listened, and coached me through this time. They gave me guidance, and support from a different perspective.

Mom has recovered, and I am grateful to have a new outlook on this type of illness. 

In 2002, my husband became ill. Since then, his decline, physically, has placed him on Permanent Disability. 

He’s gone from a workaholic, to focussing on recovery. As each year went by, we had to adjust to ‘a New Normal’. 

I have seen this from both sides. From his pain, and struggle, to my frustration and empathy. 

With Disability, there is anger and resentment. Not at the person, but at the disease.

As your Online Life Coach, helping you, and others, through these stages, has become a passion of mine.

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