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    Build meaning into your Relationships.  (Home, work, parent, any and all relationships). How to positively impact these for yourself, and those around you.

    With the Group Coaching sessions, we look at improving communication skills with those around us and rebuild meaning into our lives. 

    With groups that are small. you still get a Life Coach experience for less. 

    Disability / Living With Disability

    Are you on Disability and want to make a change? What options can you find to improve your current challenge?

    Are you living with someone who has become unable to work? Let's get together and find a way for you to find a 'New Normal'.

    Self -Esteem

    Self-Esteem... This is a big one for every person I meet. Find the joy within and celebrate WHO YOU are!

    Group Coaching can be a GREAT way to start, finish, or continue your Personal Life Coaching!

    Affordable Online Life Coaching!   

    Job / Life Balance

     Improving work environment, or 'move up or out'. Are you stuck at work, do you want a new challenge? Even if you can't leave, or move up, there are solutions to this dilemma.   

    Grief and Loss

    Grief & Loss. This comes in many forms... Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, grief due to loss, this is a HUGE list.

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