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    Build meaning into your Relationships.  (Home, work, parent, any and all relationships). How to positively impact these for yourself, and those around you.

    Disability / Living With Disability

    Are you on Disability and want to make a change? What options can you find to improve your current challenge?

    Are you living with someone who has become unable to work? Let's get together and find a way for you to find a 'New Normal'.

    Self -Esteem

    Self-Esteem... This is a big one for every person I meet. Find the joy within and celebrate WHO YOU are!

    Group Coaching can be a GREAT way to start, finish, or continue your Personal Life Coaching!

    Affordable Online Life Coaching!   

    Job / Life Balance

     Improving work environment, or 'move up or out'. Are you stuck at work, do you want a new challenge? Even if you can't leave, or move up, there are solutions to this dilemma.   

    Grief and Loss

    Grief & Loss. This comes in many forms... Loss of a loved one, loss of a job, grief due to loss, this is a HUGE list.

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